Hi! I'm Chintan, a Web Developer.

I enjoy building consumer and developer-facing products. While my job title says "Frontend Engineer", I like working on all the parts of the stack.

I love exploring programming languages, especially the ones which provide safety (type, memory, exception) and reliability. I previously wrote some Elm, Haskell, Dart and Ruby, and I'm learning Rust now.

I recently discovered my interest in platform engineering, and I'm looking for pro-bono (and preferably open source) DevOps consulting opportunities in order to help me grow.

I occasionally play video games, Chess and the Piano.


Frontend Engineer, Payments at Razorpay (YC W15)

  • Built a localization framework within Razorpay Checkout to support multiple languages.
  • Migrated major parts of Razorpay Checkout from Vanilla JS and doT.js to Svelte, improving developer productivity and speed of iteration.
  • Developed consumer-facing payment flows on different versions of Razorpay Checkout.
  • Resolved production issues, ensuring the team meets the required SLAs.
  • Developed the Razorpay Flutter Plugin.
  • Onboarded new engineers and wrote internal developer documentation.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!